167 people through 1 rental open home inspection !

When I first started in property management back in 1989 in Wurtulla, Queensland .. my employer at the time asked me to try to build the property portfolio by advertising to all that would listen, the need we had for rental property to accommodate all the people on our database ( back then I do not think we even had a data base ! ) however.. that was the intention .. to attract new business and to become bigger .. better .. more property, more profit etc..etc..

Today 2021 the need for rental property has genuinely reached an extreme .. crucial shortages of rental accommodation on the coast have created a serious housing situation for locals wishing to continue residing on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and for all those wanting to re locate here to enjoy the sunshine, the beaches and the lifestyle we enjoy ..

Over the weekend I held an open home where 167 people lined up patiently while I took their name, phone numbers and addresses for COVID purposes, before they were allowed to enter the property to complete a viewing .. 165 of those people were advised today they were not successful and one lucky couple are very happy.

The need for housing is extreme .. if you are considering renting out your property or have an investment property you are considering leasing .. please give me a call, I have many genuine families, working professionals, students and extended families in great need of a home.. not to build a portfolio as I did back in the day, and not to create a larger business... simply .. to help those in need.

I thank you ..

Karen Stehr


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