Karen Stehr is a Licensed Real Estate Agent with over 32 years industry experience, and having successfully operated Karen Stehr Property for the past 5 years as a sole operating principal and owner. Determined to build a business that was based on integrity, professionalism and positive outcomes, Karen has utilised her knowledge and experience to develop systems and processes to not only protect her client’s assets and achieve a maximum return on investment during both strong and weak markets, but also to ensure their experience is positive and enjoyable.

Karen is passionate about property management and thrives on the challenge and fulfillment that comes with owning her own real estate brand. You will not find the “Bigger is Better” or “More! .. More! .. More”! principle applies to Karen’s business. Instead, Karen prefers to run a customer-centric business all about service and exceptional communication coupled with sharing the knowledge to protect and inform clients as they entrust her with their largest asset. Karen has capped her portfolio and does not introduce any new properties into her business over and above her choice of 150 properties.

Karen Stehr is a member of the REIQ and as such has the ability to provide peace of mind to consumers with her commitment to the REIQ Standards of Business Practice. To remain a member of the REIQ, Karen must complete appropriate ongoing training and professional development which only enhances her knowledge of legislation requirements and changes within the industry and her customers certainly don’t mind speaking her praises - view client testimonials here.

Karen has also been the recipient of numerous awards throughout her career and is recognised as one of the most highly regarded property managers on the Sunshine Coast.

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