At Karen Stehr Property we value our tenants as highly as we do our landlords. WIthout tenants we would not be able to offer our landlords a service, so we rely on finding good quality tenants to rent our properties and ensure that they are happy and comfortable in their rental homes.

As a tenant with Karen Stehr Property you have the comfort in knowing we do thorough exit reports from previous tenants including photography to protect you at the end of your lease. We provide you with a thorough sign-up meeting ensuring you are aware of your rights and your obligations. We conduct regular routine inspections giving you an opportunity to raise any maintenance issues and demonstrate your care for the property. We also provide easy online forms so you can access information when you need it, day or night.



Hello Karen, Thank you for your great communication with both tenants and property owners.

It is a pleasure to be dealing with such a thorough and professional person like yourself.

Des Bowman - Tenant

Karen Stehr Property, Sunshine Coast Property Management
Karen Stehr Property, Sunshine Coast Property Management

I have felt very grateful having you as our rental manager. Right from the get go when the real estates changed over you were checking in, always helpful and most importantly understanding. Living in a share house can be frustrating at times ensuring everyone has paid their rent etc but having you there, always being patient and understanding and actually cared for our needs and requests rather than just worrying about rent being paid. I am very pleased with you as our property manager and especially your professional personal approach. 

Gemma Cooke - Tenant