Property Sales

Ready to celebrate 5 years of success this coming February, Karen Stehr Property has now expanded to include property sales in their portfolio of services. Karen Stehr has extensive property management experience and regularly was contacted by clients asking if she would sell their property. Initially Karen wanted to focus her business on establishing the property management function, but given that side of the business is thriving, Karen has decided now is the time to take on property sales also. 

Karen Stehr has teamed up with property enthusiast, Christie Turner having worked with her for many years and always being impressed by her skill and talents. Karen and Christie understand the nuances associated with selling property on the Sunshine Coast, specifically tenanted properties. Together they will maintain the customer-centric approach that has made Karen Stehr Property so successful to date and will be aiming to work with a small selection of clients to achieve the best possible outcome from the sale of their property. 

Christie's background in marketing ensures that each property will benefit from a custom marketing strategy that is designed to reach the highest number of potential purchasers and to create competition throughout the sales process to achieve the best results for their sellers. 

With competitive marketing fees and affordable commission rates, Karen Stehr Property are certain to provide a great property sales service without costing a fortune, while maintaining the best possible price is achieved from the sales process. 


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