Karen Stehr Property, leading the way in Property Management on the Sunshine Coast

Only 18 months after commencing my own real estate business Karen Stehr Property, the excitement is still with me daily as if I had only just opened the doors. The enjoyment that comes with providing a service where the main principle for me is to simply ‘think smarter ‘ and be more productive in my day. As you can imagine, running a small property portfolio of 160 properties as the sole owner operating Principal, managing my time effectively is essential.

As the age old quote states, Time waits for no one.. and in property management this is so very true. A potential tenant will demand to view a vacant property immediately or they lose interest, a new investor may require a rental appraisal immediately or they will seek the services of someone else who can ... a residing tenant may have locked their keys out of their unit and are stranded outside needing my urgent assistance ... whatever the reason, time waits for no one.

I take pride in the structure of my unique mobile business in that, in the words of Dolly Parton ‘Working 9 to 5’ simply is not productive or viable. My business day begins around 7am with email communications which coordinates my day. I complete all my tasks allocated in my diary and then step away for a few hours in the middle of the day to enjoy however I see fit. Usually an hour walk taking in the beautiful scenery of the Sunshine Coast at a pace slightly faster than a snail! I return back to the office in the afternoon and complete further email communications and respond to any requests closing my day around 7pm. My mobile however remains on 24/7 in the case of any emergencies. Saturday and Sunday simply roll into the same process but with more time in between. More time is spent on preparation of management rather than a more reactive approach.

Hammering in a few signs on a Sunday morning to gain a more fruitful result rather than waiting for 9am Monday morning is far more satisfying or showing a potential tenant through a property at 5.30pm on a Saturday evening as that is their only time available when they absolutely love it and sign up there and then is again, far more fruitful than responding with the traditional reply " Sorry we are only available 9 to 5 .. Monday to Friday " .. or my favourite .. answering the phone on a Sunday afternoon to offer my time to a new investor looking to purchase a property on the Sunshine Coast and wanted to speak to a local agent about local infrastructure, rental values, vacancy rates, certain areas popularity over others .. just because! .. This particular investor eventually purchased a unit block of 8 on the Coast and may not have offered me the opportunity to look after his property portfolio if I had the mentality of only answering my mobile Monday to Friday - 9 to 5.

Work Hard - Stay Humble - Be Kind ... There is always still time for a long lunch, a walk in the park, a swim at the beach and time with family and friends, clearly it is all balance but to succeed in real estate it is definitely a matter of time management, thinking smart and opening your mind to seek outside traditional boundaries. Never allow your business to become stale .. listen to the beat of life and offer a creative service to reap both benefits and contentment.

If you want to know more about the service I offer or how I can maximise your investment while providing the best round the clock customer service, then give me a call today! I want to hear from you!

Karen Stehr

M: 0417 618 480

E: karen@karenstehrproperty.com.au

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