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Your rental property is most likely your biggest investment to date. You purchased a property with the intention of producing income from the investment, with a long-term goal of achieving financial freedom. It is therefore vital that you choose the right person to manage your rental property – after all, it is your biggest investment! When selecting a property manager, you obviously consider their reliability and reputation but what about their work ethic and qualifications?

As a fully licensed Real Estate Agent, I have completed the necessary training, certificates and education to be equipped to not only handle any situation but also to implement the right protocols given legislation requirements while considering the rights of both owners and tenants. My experience spans across three decades, however this is supported with the highest level qualifications which really sets me apart from other property managers who only hold a Real Estate Salesperson Certificate .

My work ethic is also a standout feature from my competitors. Larger agencies and franchises generally provide services Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. As a small business owner and a passionate property enthusiast, I work weekends, I am available after hours and I am always ready to offer the best service to my clients. The market can be quite fickle and at various times of the year... the market is strong and buoyant and a delicious big fat juicy pool of potential tenants is available... however at other times, tenants looking for property are few and far between. Experience and knowledge is the key to out think a fickle market. If a potential tenant only has the opportunity to view a vacant property at 10am Sunday morning when the market is quiet and tenants are scarce, I would happily show them through. Real estate success has no time frame. There really is no task too big or small and my commitment to a customer service orientated business is second to none.

I honestly believe that Karen Stehr Property offers an exclusive level of service, experience and expertise that would be hard for competitors to rival. My qualifications teamed with my knowledge and experience is extremely unique and my work ethic is certainly one of my biggest strengths. Don’t place your investment property in the hands of someone that will not go the extra mile, that doesn’t have the experience and knowledge or is not suitably qualified.

C'mon… it is your biggest investment!


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