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Karen Stehr Property, Sunshine Coast Property Management, Change

As I approach almost three decades in the real estate industry I often reflect on how much things have changed. You only have to compare the Sunshine Coast now to just 5 years ago and the face of the place is completely different ... major changes of course Aura in the Caloundra area, beachfront Bokarina in the land that had been sitting vacant for so many years... finally being built on... and of course the huge estate where the Horton Park Golf Course used to be. This is going to be an incredible housing, recreational and commercial site only just spreading its wings now.

More localised to where I reside is the impact of Mirvac with the residential and commercial blocks of units about to be built on Iluka Avenue, Buddina and Bermagui Crescent, Buddina... and Birtinya... the new hospital precinct is quite incredible with restaurants, cafe's, sports centres, walking tracks, parks, bbq facilities, waterways for miniature boat racing, dragon boat racing and so much interaction for those choosing to live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Real estate is an industry that moves very fast. It is dynamic, vibrant and for those working in the industry. We are chameleons changing with the environment and trying to provide a service better than any other with professionalism, knowledge and education. The market at present in certain areas of the Coast is absolutely sizzling. Buddina and anything beachside of the Nicklin Way is demanding incredible prices. A house only 5 houses down from me, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, single lock up garage, completely original sold for $605,000!

Sunshine Coast Property Management, Karen Stehr Property, Sunshine Coast

It is very clear that change is upon us...

It is in this time that only those that embrace and adapt to change will remain strong and successful in the industry. I am a strong advocate of education and the REIQ provide many courses on processes, procedures, understanding market change and legislation. If I look back on my career it is amazing to consider the dramatic change in how we do business.

I remember being a very 'green' 20 year old, handing out keys to potential tenants without blinking and eye and giving them directions to the house to go and have a look at their leisure, something that seems such an inconceivable concept today.

I can recall a time when trust accounts were balanced and managed manually, when taking cash all day every day from every tenant I managed was quite acceptable, often handling thousands of dollars in cash money every day. Property photographs for advertising were hand delivered to the newspapers for production - no one even knew what email was! Each letter was individually stamped and addressed by hand and people used to visit a real estate office to find a property.

As I look around myself now, I am surrounded in a technological phenomenon... I manage my trust account using software specially designed for my needs, I upload properties to the internet to immediately advertise its availability, I rarely send a hard copy letter instead communicating via phone calls, sms and emails. I provide superior customer service oriented services to landlords and tenants without an actual office space. I move via mobile all over the Coast and I am overwhelmed at the response from both tenants and landlords who have noticed the difference in attention received from a small personalised business with just me at the helm.

There has never been a time where information has been more readily available and easy to distribute. Technology makes my job easier, makes me more efficient and allows me to document my work, it also gives me the opportunity to excel in my field while being a sole operating business owner. I have never been more productive, accountable and professional than now and I have change to thank for that.

If you are working with another property manager, who does not embrace change , working

smartly and efficiently and who is not educated and knowledgeable, now might be the time to make a refreshing change to a licensed principal with a passion for the industry...

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