Since establishing my own business it has become so clear to me that customer service is a vital skill for any successful Property Manager. The role I play for my clients is so multi-faceted, I can find myself acting as mediator one minute and handyman the next, but what it all comes down to at the end of the day is customer service. Everything I do is focussed on providing the best service possible to my clients, whether it be landlords or tenants.

Sunshine Coast Property Management - Karen Stehr Property Management

I believe my impeccable customer service is not only what sets me apart from other Property Managers but also what has led to my success over the years. I obviously have all the technical knowledge in understanding legislation and legalities associated with managing a rental property. I no doubt have plenty of experience, after almost 30 years in the industry there aren't many situations that arise that I haven't dealt with in the past. But what I also have is a genuine passion for making people happy. I work hard, actually I work tirelessly to ensure that my clients have their needs met and that I am delivering outstanding service day in, day out. My priority is to meet and exceed the expectations of my clients regardless of the situation and this is quite possibly the reason I am such a sought after Property Manager on the Sunshine Coast.

If you have a rental property but think you may not be getting the best service possible then give me a call, I am more than happy to discuss my services, fees and give you an insight into my work ethic, how I operate and what I can do for you that your current Property Manager might not be doing. I can even give you a current market appraisal to ensure that you are maximising your returns from your investment property.


Karen Stehr,

Karen Stehr Property Management, Sunshine Coast

0417 618 480 or email

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