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This article is an open letter, focused on empowering our industry for a better future... the responsibility is ours.

For those who know me well, you know I am a passionate person and I love the industry I am involved in .. unfortunately from time to time I come across instances which completely perplex me and I find myself in one of those moments...

Let me introduce TICA to you - Australia's Largest Tenancy Database. With over 30 years experience in both Property Management and Sales, its Directors have first hand experience and knowledge of what the industry needs when it comes to choosing the right tenant. A Landlords greatest fear is when a tenant fails to pay their rent or worse yet, damages property. A lot like credit checks when applying for a loan or credit card, TICA provides tenancy history checks when tenancy applicants apply for rental properties. The overall purpose is to allow industry professionals who are TICA members to share knowledge of a particular applicant to prevent the applicant doing the same to another innocent party and being accepted for a property. Long term renters apply for property with a number of agents over the years, the goal is to no longer have naughty tenants in property.

I recently placed a tenant in a property - checked their references, previous private rental history and together with their partner I felt they would make suitable tenants for a property. My essential tool in every day tenancy suitability is TICA. I check to see if a person has been lodged or if they have any history that may not be attractive to an investor. On this occasion .. both applicants were clear. No lodgement, no bad history recorded .. no cause for concern. Based on this, I discussed the application with the owner, and we decided to proceed and offer the young couple a tenancy.

Much to my dismay... three months later, a local real estate agency contacted me with extreme enthusiasm to let me know I had " selected a dud tenant". This particular agent proceeded to give me an abundance of information regarding arrears, misconduct at the property, eviction and more. When I enquired why they did not lodge the persons in question on TICA so that the rest of the industry could benefit from such knowledge and protect their investors by not selecting the tenant... the reply was ... " oh I am sure we did". Clearly they did not, but felt happy to share the information privately after the fact.

The point of this blog is to remind industry professionals to always apply professional conduct to not only their own businesses, but to apply the same conduct when dealing with fellow real estate agents who are also trying to build respect and a solid reputation for their own business.

So, as a member of TICA the particular Sunshine Coast agent chose not to share essential devastating information about a previous tenant, undermining the entire purpose of being a member. Should anything untoward eventuate during the course of this tenancy, I consider the previous agents non-disclosure of crucial information holds them accountable. Whatever the reason this particular agent did not lodge a very naughty tenant on TICA, fear or simply laziness, this behaviour simply diminishes the empowerment of the industry we all strive to achieve.

Come on fellow industry professionals... share knowledge... empower our industry, build a better future for everyone involved and be the professionals you profess to be!

Annoyed and Disappointed KAREN STEHR


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