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As a child growing up my father would always say to me... "Karen never judge a book by its cover." And as a Property Manager constantly involved with reference checks and tenancy applications, this saying has always been one I aim to live by... yet after almost 30 years in the business, I am still surprised and was humbly taught a lesson in remembering never to judge a book by its cover.

Most recently I escorted two groups of potential tenants through a property - one group was very well dressed, came with their parents, drove a clean, smart, late model vehicle, spoke beautifully, polite and were very positive about the property I was showing them, friendly and outgoing... to me, they looked like the perfect tenant I would want to approve, pending their ability to pay rent and other criteria.

The second group were a little more relaxed in their viewing, not as polished, not as well dressed... driving an earlier model vehicle showing signs of wear and tear and seemed a little too eager, however also very polite, friendly and outgoing... happy to openly discuss their application and current living arrangements.

Of the two, based only on appearances, I would have easily chosen the first group.

On working through the references for both parties - as part of my standard procedure I am a member of TICA, the TENANCY INFORMATION CENTRE OF AUSTRALASIA, a database of tenants who have caused financial or physical damage to previous investors to an amount over and above their bond.

In quite shock and disbelief, I discovered the first group were lodged on TICA for rent arrears, repeated breaches and failure to pay water bills, while the second group were not only completely clear, but came with glowing references!

I had a small chuckle to myself and remembered my father's words... "Karen Stehr, never judge a book by its cover!"

By Karen Stehr

For more information on how to apply for a rental property or regarding my tenant screening process please do not hesitate to give me a call pn 0417 618 480 or send me an email -

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