The Sunshine Coast rental market at present is proving to be its traditional self, with June and July being the quietest months of the year. It seems that Sunshine Coast tenants do not like to move during winter!

What is the solution for landlords? From experience, I personally try very hard to have leases expire outside the June / July winter period and offer tenants non-typical lease time frames of 9 or 11 months to ensure they are locked in over the quieter months. I do whatever it takes to ensure that the lease does not expire during the time of the year that is hardest to find tenants. From October through to February, I enjoy the quantity of tenants searching for a property, making it much quicker and easier to fill a rental property, however during winter I certainly have to work much harder to secure a tenant for vacant properties.

If your property does become vacant during winter, all is not lost. The solution for me is to hold more regular open homes, outside the normal 9am to 5pm time frames and I even open on weekends to make the entire process easier and faster for all involved. I know the key to renting a property in winter is making an effort to attract the widest audience for the property.

At present, Karen Stehr Property has a 0% vacancy rate so if you have a property that you would rented, just contact me and I will find you the most suitable tenant in the swiftest time frame possible.

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