The Sunshine Coast rental market can be tough and it can be easy to get discouraged if you miss out on properties you have your heart set on, but this quick guide will help you make your next rental application shine!

1. Have your application ready!

If you are looking to rent a property there are going to be standard documentation that every property manager will require from you in order to process your application. Make sure you have this ready ahead of time to allow you to strike immediately when the right property becomes available. You will need proof of identity, proof of income and information regarding your rental history. If you have this documentation ready to go, you can get your application in before the competition which will put you one step ahead.

2. Have written references at your fingertips...

It is in your best interest to show that you are reliable, honest and trustworthy as early as possible in the application stage. If you have already sourced written references this is like providing a glowing report card for the property manager and will assist in supporting your application positively.

3. Be prepared to apply online…

Most property managers these days require you to submit your application online through their preferred portal. You will need all the information from step 1 to be available electronically so you can submit online, without this you may certainly miss out. Online applications make it easier for property managers and once you get used to the process, it will be much easier for you also. Don’t miss out on properties because you don’t have electronic files of your important documentation.

4. Be on time to the inspection…

There is lots of competition for rental properties on the Sunshine Coast, so turning up to a designated inspection time can almost certainly mean you have missed out. You need to be on time, look presentable and come across pleasantly to the property manager at the inspection. Consider this almost like a job interview, it is a chance for the property manager to assess all the applicants in person and could be the moment that makes or breaks your application. If you show up on time, looking your best and interact well with the property manager you are really putting your best foot forward.

5. Follow up without being pushy…

If you have submitted your application, viewed the property and after 48 hours still have not heard about your application, follow up with the property manager. An email will suffice as it will express your interest without disturbing the property manager if they are run off their feet.

6. Never give up!

It is easy to get discouraged in a tough rental market but all you can do is stay vigilant, most real estate agencies will advertise their available properties on so make sure you regularly check for new properties and apply as early as possible. Often properties that aren’t available for a month have less demand, so plan ahead and stay positive.

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