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Smoke Alarms for Property Management
Jim White Electrical - Sunshine Coast

Accredited Master Electrician Jim White of Jim White Electrical Pty Ltd recently provided Karen

Stehr Property Pty Ltd with a brief on the upcoming time frames for the changes to legislation in regards to smoke alarms. Smoke alarms are an essential item in any property whether it is a rental property or an owner occupied home, correct installation, location and type of smoke alarms is extremely important. Early detection of fire present in a home can be as simple as ensuring smoke alarms are compliant ... smoke alarms can save lives.

I would like to share Jim's summary and share my newfound knowledge with you...

January 2017

  • All new installed alarms must be Photoelectric Type

  • Any existing alarms that are replaced must be done using Photoelectric type and use the existing installation method as minimum 240v must be replaced with 204v

  • All new buildings must comply with new legislation

  • Any property undergoing major renovations must comply with new legislation. Removing or building new walls and rooms.

January 2022

  • All domestic properties that are let to tenants and or are being sold must comply with new legislation

January 2027

  • All domestic properties must comply with new legislation

The new legislation requirements

  • Smoke alarms must be installed in every bedroom, hall way and escape route

  • Every level of a home must have a smoke alarm even if there are no bedrooms

  • All high set houses with an enclosed area under the house must have a smoke alarm

  • All smoke alarms on all levels must be totally interconnected either by wiring or RF wireless connection or a combination of both

  • Alarms must be hard wired 240V or 9V with non removable lithium 10 year battery

Jim White Electrical are presently offering a special service to inspect properties and advise what would be required to meet legislation. The service is $44.00 inclusive of GST and will include a written report on the numbers, locations and types of smoke alarms required.

If you have any queries regarding the new legislation please feel free to call Jim White Electrical on 07 5479 6122 or contact me to discuss.

Jim White Electrical - Smoke Alarm Legislation Sunshine Coast

Remember, it can all go up in a puff of smoke so it is best to be ahead of the game and protect your asset and ensure you are compliant with legislation!

Karen Stehr

0417 618 480

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