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Karen Stehr Property Pty Ltd is celebrating 2 years operating as a small property management business on the Sunshine Coast. It seems like a blur of routine chaos - establishing the business, gaining trust from my clients as Licensed Principal operating a business on my own, attracting quality tenants who feel comfortable with their Property Manager, keeping my skills up to date by attending continued training with the REIQ and of course running the day to day services of a professional real estate office.

As much as I love my business, I also understand it is about making clients and customers happy, not just myself. For that reason, I continually seek feedback and would like to share the thoughts of a few clients - 2 years on. My question was simply... "Can a solely operated small business provide 100% service?"

L & A Dunn wrote...

The most positive quality about dealing with a small business is the personalised service. This personalised service is made up by genuine care, experience and knowledge, active management and work ethic. We know that if there is ever any problem or ever any issue (current or foreseeable), that you are able to deal with it quickly with your extensive knowledge, experience and attention to detail, to an end. We know that no problem is ever too big or too small. We know that your advice comes from genuine care, from years of industry experience, expansive local knowledge and that you always have your finger on the pulse.

Karen Stehr Property is so far above others, you provide 200% service! We have always been extremely happy with your management of our property. We know that you're not a Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm person and we are very very appreciative of that. You provide a service that is so outstanding, so far above the others, all - round and personal. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you and Karen Stehr Property. B Lockyer wrote...

Karen has structured her business very well with an intentional goal of putting a cap on the number of properties she manages. This allows her time to provide the best level of service possible to both the tenants and the landlords. Quite the opposite to your typical larger real estates who will take on too much business, leaving their Property Managers overworked with barely enough time to inspect their properties once a year. Karen provides exceptional service, always keeping me informed and looking after my best interests. Her thorough screening process weeds out any potentially troublesome tenants and as a result I have had long, stress free tenancy agreements.

I have had both large and small real estate businesses manage my investment properties in the past. I would choose a small property management business every time.

D Clark & J Smith wrote...

We like to support small business where possible and would recommend it for the one-on-one service provided and are very happy with the service you have provided to us and your willingness to tackle any "sticky" issues should they arise. The most positive quality about dealing with a small business is the personalised service. It means dealing with the same person on each occasion and having them familiar with your property.

L & G Willams wrote...

We would never consider using a large real estate company again. You do not get the hands on complete package that you get with the person whose business it is, to look after your assets. When we first met Karen, she was a Property Manager working for a large real estate company on the Sunshine Coast. She was recommended to us, as we were disillusioned with the management of the agent we were contracted to at the time. Whilst Karen was the manager of this company, she still had to rely on the integrity of her staff. It was an improvement to what we had previously experienced.

When Karen told us she was starting her own business as a boutique company operating all aspects of the business herself and capping at an appropriate level, we did not hesitate to transfer our properties to her and have never looked back. No more doing checks ourselves on whether statements were correct and property inspections were done. Our properties have never not been tenanted and with good tenants as well. All checks and balances done with complete professionalism.

G Arundell wrote...

Working with you in a small business gives us full confidence that you are keeping your eyes and ears "on the ball" with any issues at our home. We have had issues with pool chlorinators, filters etc and your team of service people are both efficient and competent and charge at a reasonable rate. You have always acted quickly and with consideration to both the tenant and the best conclusion for us as property owners. I have no hesitation in recommending your sole operator business to take care of an investor's property.

I am excited that I am able to provide my clients with personalised, professional and custom support and service and I love that they appreciate the flexibility in my availability, my extensive knowledge and experience but I am most pleased that I now have a loyal client base that understand they will not get more reliable, more professional service anywhere else. I can't wait to see what the next few years will bring as I continue to deliver the best property management services to the Sunshine Coast.

Karen Stehr

M: 0417 618 480

E: karen@karenstehrproperty.com.au

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